Artist's statement

As Paul Reas has said, “What drives me to do this work is difficult to name. It is more to do with love than sociology, with being a subject in the drama rather than a witness”*.

Within the last 18 months my father’s health has deteriorated. The lower half of his body has become increasingly mobility deficient. Questions about the past, present and future have been raised and memories of times gone-by have risen to the surface to incite reflection. What initially started 5 years ago as a simple curiosity to know my father better through his anecdotes and archives has now been thrust into something far superior and of profound importance. I realise that I simply and dearly want my father to live forever.

The work is explorative, and intuitively responds to a deeply personal experience, but simultaneously one that can be shared universally.

*Williams, Val. A quote from Paul Reas in Who’s looking at the family?: an exhibition selected by Val Williams, Carol Brown and Brigitte Lardinois. London: Barbican Art Gallery, 1994.