• Artist's statement

      Motor Neuron Disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that creeps beneath the surface, slowly attacking the upper and lower motor neurons. Like a chameleon MND disguises, and mirrors other diseases. No way of knowing if that is what it is, or when it started. Railing At The Enthrallment To The Failing Of The Light is a project that explores and documents the emotional terrain of my parent's life as they and I come to terms with the pronouncement of my father's Motor Neuron Disease. I began photographing my parent's in September 2009 during which the diagnosis of my Dad's MND was yet to be confirmed. Since this time all our fears were confirmed, and so began our journey, as we came to terms with the present situation and thoughts on the future. This work displays the trust and consent between me as the photographer and subject, being my parents. The images not only reveal my parent's day-to-day life but also display the quiet contemplative moments as they lucidly meditate on past, present and future with the realisation that their world will no longer be the same. These images intend to go beyond the personal and permeate through to the viewer with notions of loss of freedom, endurance, love, and family relations.