• Artist's statement

      Biologically the human form is made up of various components that, as a whole, on a day-to-day basis, bear the marks, to the true extent of just how fragile the human body really is. Solid as we may appear on the outside the simple fact is our fragility begins with the skin, an element that can appear as delicate as paper. Before we even reach the inside of our biological make-up, the exterior skin, is an element, which not only symbolizes scarring, but also physically bares the marks of such occurrences. The human form acts as if it were a war-zone at times, often baring the marks approximating an aftermath, whether it be through the effects of disease, illness, surgery, therapy, scaring, self-harm, war wounds, healing or death, these all prove that the body appears, it would seem, on first glance, to be intended as an almost indestructible element. The part that stops us pondering too much about our fragility, is, in many situations our skin. Skin is our make-up, and as long as our skin is seen as a whole, and not torn or wounded, then it hides us from the bear reality of what lies beneath this protective layer, we will in certain circumstances continue to mistreat or use our bodies as a war-zone. 'Out of sight, out of mind' is often our way of dealing with reality, not realizing the effects we put upon such a sacred temple, as the human body. (The original work was made using liquid emulsion, watercolour paper and cotton thread, which was exhibited as a suspended piece from the ceiling in the group exhibition Contact, University of Brighton, 2009.)